Τour Of the Beaches

The length of the coast of Kythera reaches the 43 nautical miles, from which the largest part is rocky and steep. However it is Interrupted by a large number of beaches that are usually formed into small coves, protected by the several winds. The beaches of the east coast of the island are affected by northern, northeastern, eastern and southeastern winds. Those of the western side of the island are affected by westerly - southwesterly winds. Therefore for the visitor of Kythera, if a strong wind blows, it is advisable to choose for swimming one of the beaches that are protected from the storm and the sea waves as much as possible. 

So starting our tour from North to South with easterly direction we find that the first beach you come across is that of  Αgios Nicholas on Moudari. It has sand and pebbles, is usually quiet and accessible from Karava by half dirt and the rest cement paved road. If you have a city car it is best to avoid it. On the beach there is a Byzantine church (cross-shaped unique on Kythera) built in 14 th century approximately, while a in short distance (footpath access) there is the large lighthouse of Moudari, built by Brits in 1857 and effectively direct the large number of passing ships. 
In the area there are no houses, shops or canteens. Ideal place for solo swimmers, couples or families seeking tranquility and unspoiled landscape. 

Going further south we find the Plateia Ammos  (huge beach with sand and pebbles), picturesque harbor for recreational boats and usually visited by a few swimmers. Located right in front of the homonymous village, accessible by paved road from Karava. There are taverns, cafe and rooms to let. Grab the opportunity to visit the nearby overgrown ravine of Karava if you have time after your swimming.
Then we find the picturesque beach of Fourni formed of sand and pebbles, away from houses and shops. There is a canteen and beach umbrellas. Access is by road Karava – Platia Ammos, dirt but passable road.
Further down we find Αgia Pelagia with its numerous beaches. Each one with its own character.  Agia Pelagia beach, next to the fishing shelter, has fine thin sand and wide beach. Offers restaurants, minimarket, bakeries, rooms to let, apartments, hotels.

Νeos Kosmos (New World) of Agia Pelagia , with a long beach of sand and pebbles and easy access, in front of the new settlement there are plenty of rooms to let. Yet, there is always plenty of room for swimmers who enjoy the deep blue sea. 
The Beach Fyri Ammos, with scarlet red sand (scarlet, hence Fyri)  and thin red pebbles are of exquisite beauty. Easy access by paved road. With a few residences near, but none shop.

 Κalamitsi  a little more south, is a beautiful isolated beach with fine sand without access by road. The existing dirt road is far away from the beach, about 250 meters. Access only by path, excellent color of the water, with beautiful bottom of the sea.
The beach Lorenzo or Spylia Afroditis,  (Cave of Venus), just a little bit further the dirt road to the sea with red sand. There is also a small cave. Ideal for couples. 
Lagada beach, fully equipped, with European Blue Flag, w.c., washing water, canteen, beach umbrellas and sunbeds. Access by dirt road to the sea. The beach of sand and small pebbles is approximately 800 meters long. There is plenty of room for everyone, either you use existing facilities or not.
Κaki Lagada : Small beach with pebbles of moderate size. Access by dirt road. There ends up the famous gorge of Paleochora, in its estuary a lake with glyphs water is formed. Remarkable wild landscape that immediately impresses.

Diakofti:  A unique beach of white sand on Kythera. Ideal for small children, families, for everyone. Nearby are restaurants and cafes. Excellent landscape with the small islet of Macrokythera protecting the beach from all winds. Easy access with paved road, since there is also the main port of Kythera. 
The Beach of Palaiopolis,  just a little south, is the largest beach of Kythira with slightly red sand and easy access by paved road, without houses and shops. Ideal for someone to spend there an entire day, enjoying the sun and the sea. In this area the Minoan colony of Skandia was founded.

Rocky Coast Islands west of Kythera for fishing Virgin fishing area west of Kythera Beaches of Kythera

Just next is the beach of sand and both of small thin and medium-sized pebble is the  Lake .  Next to the beach there is a small lake with lots of reeds, straw and dozens of birds coming to drink water. The beach is usually visited by nudists. Not recommended for families. Access requires 3 minutes of walking from the adjacent paved road. 
Κaladi: The most scenic beach of the island with fine sand. Like a bit to the beach "Romeo's Rock" in Cyprus. Access by about 150 steps. Especially popular among young people. 
The Κomponada,  a beach with sand and pebbles have easy access to a paved road without houses and shops, but a canteen. 
Fyri Ammos   southern, great beach with red sand and small pebbles. Access by paved road and after a bit of a dirt road. Very popular. 

Vroulea  beach is small, well protected. Relatively quiet and distant. Access by dirt road. 
Chalkos:   One of the most famous and popular beaches of Kythira. With sand and pebbles, canteen and beach umbrellas. Amazing turquoise waters. Almost always calm sea. The 4/5 th of the driveway is paved, the rest is of a good dirt road. Favorite beach of the youth. 
Κapsali:  The twin bays (Front and Back Gialos) is the trademark of Kythira. Cosmopolitan beach, gorgeous. For swimming, food and beverage, water sports and excursions to the nearby islet of Chytra. 

Sparangario    is a small beach across the Front Gialos at Kapsali with sand and small pebbles. At the side and behind the beach there is a spectacular gorge. Access by 8-10 minutes walking from the adjacent paved road. 
The beach of Feloti   is mostly unknown; nowadays a dirt road leads to it and is ideal for someone who wants privacy and tranquility.
Μelidoni   beach, popular mainly to young people; there is a canteen. Accessible by a good dirt road. 

Limnaria   beach without something extraordinary, usually deserted and "disappointed." Useful if you have an inflatable or another small boat.
Limnionas,  as its name betrays, looks like a lake that has clear blue waters. Unique landscape to remember forever. With a few houses nearby, no shops, but with a canteen. Easy access from Mylopotamos. 
The beach of Lykodemou,  beautiful with a small picturesque harbor, cave and spring with running water. Sand lightly redcinder and pebbles. It has a canteen. Easy access from asphalted road of Logothetianika. Enjoy the sunset. 
Άgios Leftheris,  short coastline, next to Lykodemou, with some sand and access from the asphalted road that leads to the above beach through dirt road  250 meters 
Routsounas : Long beach, secluded, without easy access, unless the visitor has vehicle 4× 4. Good for solitude and little adventure.

The beaches mentioned are those who have access to a vehicle by land, while there are others that can be easily approached from the sea or by hiking. Such are for example Kyriakoula, Kakoplaka, the Steno Avlaki, Ligia, Plaka,  Diporos, Kalami and other smaller. Of course, each of them has its own identity and unique beauty. However, the visitor of Kythera should not forget that the sea of the island, as beautiful as it is, clean and crystal needs caution because it is likely that the weather suddenly changes and though could endanger passengers of a small vessel.