Entertainment in Kythera

Kythera have the justified reputation of erotic island, the island where the goddess Aphrodite was born. It is the resort for those who want to escape the mundane and the trivial, the flabby, the colorless, the loveless reality. On the island of Kythira disembark those who want to experience the mystery. This mystery, this evocative atmosphere of the island portrayed by the great French painter Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) on his famous allegorical painting entitled "Aboard on Kythera."  Thus Kythera is not a cosmopolitan place, a noisy place in which tens of thousands of visitors come to enjoy wondrous nights and frantic days.

However the fun in this unique place is not only present everywhere, but it is also different. Loudspeakers in the streets and squares of coastal settlements are not annoying. Neither beer, wine nor other alcoholic drinks are flowing inconsiderately outside bars. The visitor doesn’t come across drunken groggy people. 

Night in Chora and Kapsali

In Chora and Kapsali there are plenty of cafes, confectioneries, bars. In those villages someone can find both tranquil entertainment and intense musical evenings. Here the different kinds of entertainment satisfy families, young couples but also singles that want to raise their adrenalin.

In Livadi there are restaurants, cafes and pizzerias. Youth hangouts and spots for all ages. In Avlemona and Diakofti, places next to the sea, with the breeze blowing day and night, everyone enjoy ice cream, seafood, drink, music. In Aroniadika, in Mylopotamo, in Mitata, in Potamos everyone enjoys food, drinks and the traditional local sweets. Those places are more quiet, suitable for families and romantic people.

In Agia Pelagia and in Platia Ammos enjoy eating, drinking and music next to the fine sand, while gazing at the dozens of ships and sailboats passing day and night through the bright cape between Malea and Kythera. In Laggada beach, in Agia Pelagia you find gorgeous nightlife just on the sand on the beach, that is awarded with "Blue Flag".

Besides these, this kind of entertainment is transformed unexpectedly. Painting and crafting exhibitions are always  in ‘Markato’  Chora , in "Zeidoros"  Kapsal, in the Cultural Centre of Potamos, and in the "Kytherian Association”  Chora.     Everybody can  also visit the small Folklore museum of the Municipality in Chora,  the small collection of Byzantine objects in Kato Livadi - in the old Church of the Ascension.

Surely we should repeat the various yearly cultural events organized in many places of the island by the Municipality and the numerous Local Cultural Associations. Also folk festivals on specific dates, with most of them taking place between 20th of July to the 24rth of September.

It is certain that in Kythera the visitor will not feel boredom and ennui and will feel that in Kythira survives a part of the forgotten Greece of the past. The Greece of the folk festival, the spontaneous celebration of a variety of events that suits every taste and people in every temperament.

Experience this Greece and enjoy it. Your staying in Kythera will remain unforgetable. For this you will come back to Kythera again. Kythera sung by many poets and immortalized by many painters.