Fill your Day

Undoubtedly Kythera offer a variety of interesting activities to the visitor who wants not only to spend the days on a beautiful beach, but mostly to learn as much as possible about  the place. 
There are some suggestions of interesting activities to fill your day.


Pay a visit to Karava. Walk in the village, see the spring of Keramaris and in amazing Amirgiali the gurgling brook. Follow the trail to Portokalia alongside the green and woodsy gully. 
Then enjoy swimming in Platia Ammos or in the Bay of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas), near the lighthouse in Moudari.  Try seafood or other local specialties in Platia Ammo and on your way back  stop in Agios Prokopios or  in Panagia Despoina (Virgin Mary)  to enjoy the spectacular view of the blue sea and the Cape Malia. 
The evening enjoy your refreshment, coffee, snack or supper at the square of Potamos. 


Follow the road to the mountainous regions of Gerakari and Petrounia. Walk the grove of Gerakari. Stroll down to the beach Fournoi that is magnificent, quiet, and crystal clear with canteen. 
Then, have your meal in Agia Pelagia.  In the afternoon wander in Agio Georgi Kolokythias and in the ruins of the castle. Spend your evening in Agia Pelagia, no matter if you prefer to eat or drink or visit the beach of Laggada and listen to the beautiful music on the shore, while having your refreshment or drink.


See the entrance of the imposing canyon Kaki Laggada with the small lake next to the beach. If you are lucky enough you will see wild goats climbing on the vertical sides of the gorge. 
Swim in Lagada, or in Lorenz or in Kalameatsi, or Firi Ammo. Each beach better than the other. Do not miss any of them. 

If you prefer to drive farther have lunch either in Agia Pelagia or in Potamo or in Livadi, just for a change. Allow yourself to an afternoon walk in the streets of Aroniada and try local sweets or drinks in the traditional cafe in Aroniadika. Supper in “Maros” in Aroniadika or in”Alogaki”  in Friligkianika or somewhere in Diakofti, next to the beach with the very fine sand. 


Start by paying a visit to Paleochora. Go back in 1537 when the pirate Barbarossa destroyed the Byzantine capital of the island. Continue to the pilgrimage in the Monastery of Saint Theodore -a local Miraculous Saint. 
Take your lunch in Potamos. In the afternoon swim at the beach Lykodemou. On your way home stop at Logothetianika and walk from the Church of Agios (St.) Meana to the church of the Holy Trinity, where you can enjoy the spectacular sunset gazing towards the cape Tainaro. 
Dinner at the square of Mitata while looking at the spectacular moon and the valleys of Viaradika and Paliokastro under the bright moonlight. Spend this night quietly without music or other disturbance. Perhaps a stroll up to Diakofti or to Avlemonas is the ideal choice for a tranquil and special evening.


Dedicate Friday to a visit to Myloporatos, it’s worth it. Have your coffee in the square right under the perennial sycamore tree. Enjoy your walk next to the running water of Kamari, then go down to the Fairy waterfall. Visit the old watermills and freshen up under the tall trees of the ravine. 
Return to the village square. Relax and have a snack there and then walk along the Kato Chora and the Castle of Mylopotamos. Visit the impressive Cave of Agia Sophia and in the afternoon end your excursion by swimming in magical Limniona. If you are courageous enough continue your adventure and trek to the canyon and the beach in Kalami. You will be rewarded by the experience. 
In the evening, after all adventure and fatigue, stay in your room. 


Start with visiting the Agia Moni and climbing to Agios (St.) George on the Mountain, where the archaeologist John SAKELARAKIS excavated Minoan Peak sanctuary. After that swim in either the beach of Paliopoli, Lake, Kaladi or Diakofti. Have dinner in Avlemona or Diakofti. In the evening try delicious ice creams in the cove of Avlemona. 


Early in the morning climb to the Castle of Chora. Enjoy the magnificent view of Kapsali and the Cretan Sea.  Across the skyline you will see Antikythera and the highlights Cretan mountains. 
Wander around Messa Vourgo and the traditional town Chora. Go to Chalkos beach in Kalamos swim and have your breakfast there. Take your lunch in Kalamos. 
Alternatively, start the morning by paying a visit to a traditional Bazaar in Potamos and continue your day in the Castle of Chora. Follow whatever you like the most. 
In the afternoon swim and do your favorite watersports in Kapsali. This place is also offered for dining, having a drink and doing water sports in the bustling seaside promenade in Kapsali. Stay there until late in the night. You have so many alternative options!. 


Before your return attend the worships in the Monastery of Virgin Mary Myrtidiotissa  and in Agia (St.) Elesa. If you like wild landscapes swim in Feloti . But anyway, you should not leave the island without swimming in Chalkos beach or Melidoni beach. For lunch try the various spots in Livadi. Do not forget to buy local rusks, honey and other local products

In the afternoon the ferry departs for Neapolis.

Have a nice return home and we are looking forward to seeing you again.

Certainly the routes we suggest can be changed and enriched. You may stay for a longer or shorter period. You may start your tour in Kythera from the southernmost part of the island Kapsali and Chora. Besides, many tourist just stay around and swim in Chalkos, in Melidoni,  or even in Kapsali and others in Firi Ammos to the south. Adjust your schedule to your pace and in accordance with your interests. However, you cannot get to know Kythera and enjoy all in only three to four day staying. No matter how long you stay, you will surely be delighted of what you see and experience.

Its not easy to forget Kythera! Be sure you will come back again!!