Kythera... a dreamy place

 «A dreamy place

The island of sweet secrects 

and the heart's holidays»

Between the Peloponnese and Crete, in the busiest path of Mediterranean navigation route. the beautiful island of Kythira comes into sight. At the point where the three large and famous since antiquity seas,  the Aegean, Ionian and Cretan join  the traveler meets a welcoming and remote the spotlight place, a full of surprises and unexpected beautiful paradise: Kythira. 

ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΟΣ ΧΑΡΤΗΣThe rich myths that surround the island, the most known of which is the one celestial Aphrodite, the goddess protector of pure and  guildless love, which emerged through the wavy sea on the island’s coast, create at windswept island a mysterious atmosphere that excite the imagination of the prospective visitor. 
The History of Kythira is equally rich due to the abundance of myths and traditions, developed in the area, since prehistoric times until today. Minoans, Mycenaean, probably Phoenicians, Argos, Spartans, Athenians, Alexandrian Greeks, Romans, Byzantine Greeks, Venetians, French, Russians - Turks, Brits made their occasional presence in Kythera and formed the Kytherian puzzles of the past and the course of the island through time.

The authentic environment of Kythira, untouched by "modern" technological civilization and the alleged development of our times, enchants the visitor, gives him the impression that the passage of time and the onslaught of thousands of tourists hasn’t even minimally affected the natural landscape. Beaches, glens, valleys, stoned walls fields,  small homesteads, traditional villages, later and Byzantine chapels, threshing floors, lime, nature trails, caves, old watermills and windmills, towers, castles, monasteries, stone arch bridges, lighthouses and all kinds of other buildings-monuments screen a delicate decoration with subtlety and taste the Kytherian earth.  There are clear signs of active workers and people in all historical ends that  fought against harsh weather and ground conditions and foreign invaders and due to the sense of proportion, created a remarkable civilization, important examples of which we see and touch today. 

Kythera is a unique place. A dreamy place. An authentic place. Its light constantly varies during the 365 days of the year, the 24 hours of the day and the 60 minutes of the hour. From the bright sun to overcast yellow- red cloud. From the violet sunset to reddish dusk and the starry sky to brilliant gold dawn. And this switch is experienced all year round. In heat and cold, rain and wind, calmness and dryness. Poets and painters illustrate to the paper and easel their own conception of the peculiar and diverse Kytherian light. 

Effortlessly someone can identify Kythira as the vacation place for all seasons. Winter and Spring, Summer and Fall offer visitors what they really ask for. Winter landscape with heavy clouds, rain, fog, wind, cold and damp, and warmness in a cozy corner near the fireplace. Spring with thousands of colorful and fragrant flowers, perfumes feast and infinite shades of green even on a single bush or tree. Summer with crystal clear sea waters, unique places for promenades and dusting or isolated beaches. Autumn with melancholic landscape that fills you anticipation for the rains to come and the nature’s regeneration. 

All of the above at Kythera are perpetual in course of time with its countless variations of both playful wind and light, with human activity to balance in this fragile environment, which the conqueror man cannot, or does not want or simply has not enough time to disrupt though. The intensive erotic Kytherian elements traps man at a pace slow, languid, unable to harm the place and molested the amazing scenery that so graciously gave God to the visitors to enjoy and protect. 

Welcome to Kythera !