Kythera today

The today’s visitor experiences the journey to Kythera with both mind and soul. After the dream, comes reality. After the anticipation, the tangible experience. Blue sea, downwind port. Diakofti, the sea gate of the island greets the traveler kindly. 

After the bridge that connects the island of Kythira with the islet Makrykythira where the ferry arrives, everyone leaves the port with curiosity having noticed the shipwrecked boat at nearby Prassonisi and while driving uphill to the center of the island. On the left you see Agios Georgios on Vouno and the beach Palaiopolis. O  the right Agia Moni with pure fragrant thyme on its slopes, the marble statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis,  the airport. Above the Friligkianika, the Aloizianika and the Aroniadika,  the small picturesque traditional villages. 

And then the Karvounades, Livadi and Chora with its impressive Venetian castle. On the left at the entrance of Chora the old road roller. A brief glance is enough to bring you back in earlier times immediately. Further, the head offices of the Prototype Development Company of Kythira. In the Capital Square the City Hall and other beautiful and elegant buildings. Most of them were built between the 18th and 19th century. So we arrived in Kythera of today that little or not in the slightest at all - in some areas - differs from yesterday. As if time has stopped. As if the wand of an unknown fairytale witch has frozen movement, change, time. 

However, the infrastructure with the paved roads, the good roads network, the modern buildings, the water supply networks, the biological unit at  Kapsali, the rich electric city lighting, the neat squares, the stunning cleanliness of the public places remind you that you live in the 21rst century with strong elements of escaping to the past. 

Today’s Kythera warmly welcome the visitor, making him feel that he is in a friendly and familiar place. The visitor feels at home, where he can - with respect for the environment –enjoy his holidays, both with nature and people, taste the local delicacies, meet the Architecture and History of Kythera, to realize how progress is combined with the reduction in the roots and the development of the rich tradition and culture.  

On foot or by bike or car or with the outboard you can see the entire island from land and sea. Guided by the map or your GPS one can go from North to South and from East to West. From Karava to Kapsali and from Avlemona to Drymona. 

If you prefer to live in “yesterday” visit the Ocheles, at the ravine, or the public fount in Viaradika. If you prefer to live “in today” visit Agia Pelagia, Kapsali Diakofti. And if you want to combine both visit the Sunday’s bazaar at Potamo, have lunch in the square of Mylopotamos beneath the old maple tree, enjoy your staying in one of the modern resorts in Livadi or in other settlement. Then you will have experienced everything, you have combined all.

Kythera promise the visitor that his journey in space and time will be full of new experiences and his dream will become a unique tangible reality.