Prototype Development Company of Kythera S.A.

The Prototype Development Company of Kythera S.A. was founded by the Municipality of Kythera and the Commission Domestic Property of Kythera and Antikythera in 2010. Paid-up capital was set at sixty thousand euros (60.000 €), divided into six thousand shares, value of ten (10) euro each. 
Registered in the Companies Registry of the Prefecture of Piraeus and the Article of Association published on the Government’s Journal under Volume No. 14424/23-12-2010, Issue  Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. 

The Head office is in the Municipality of Kythera. Among the aims of the Company are included: the scientific and technical support of the Municipality of Kythera, the protection of the kytherian environment, the improvement of the quality of life of local residents, initiatives to maintain and promote the cultural heritage of Kythera, performing actions to enhance the tourism potential of the Municipality of Kythera, surveys to develop the region's resources, etc. 

To ensure the running costs the Municipality exploits two properties e.g. the licensed by EOT Municipal Camping Kythera, "Agios Ioannis” (Saint John) in Kapsali- Kythera and the Cave of Agia Sophia in Mylopotamo- Kythera. 

The first fiscal year ended on 31-12-2011 without substantial activities, due to bureaucratic barriers that prevented its operation.
In 2012, the company started its business with a few incomes that continued in 2013. Hopefully, in 2014 it will expand its activities to the benefit of Kytherean people. Among its immediate aim is the advertising and promotion of the touristic product of Kythera, attracting more visitors-mainly those of high-income level, which will not only contribute to the economic development of the island, but also to the revenue of the municipality of Kythera. In 2013 a TV advertising campaign was launched that increased the number of visitors, despite the obvious economic crisis. Moreover, it aims to the immediate improvement of the provided services in the Cave and the Camping, as well as to promote print and electronic materials issued by the Municipality of Kythera or by the Company itself. 

Within this described framework that is included  and this website with the information available, the website will be enriched further to become a modern and well informed tool for every registered citizen who cares not only for Kythera, but also for Antikythera