Transport to and from Kythera

Despite the fact that Kythera belong to the nonprofit line of islands, they are easily accessible from Piraeus, Peloponnese, Crete, while a rather satisfactory transportation system connect them to many other islands. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Antikythera, as will be seen below.


Line ships from Kythera reach Piraeus, Gytheio, Vion- Neapolis, Antikythera and  Kissamos -Crete.

All year round boats line to Piraeus twice a week, while to Antikythera and Crete on Mondays and Fridays afternoon. Summers line Kythera with Monemvasia too. From Kythera to Piraeus the trip takes 6 ½ hours and from Antikythera requires another two hours. There is a line ship to Gytheio once a week, every Wednesday, while with Antikythera and Crete twice a week, only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 


Moreover, until 2013 there was a line from Kythira to Kalamata every Saturday just for the summer period (from 15/6 to 15/9). It is not known if it will operate in 2014. A potential visitor via Kalamata to Kythyra should contact the Local Port information desk. (Kalamata Port Authority Tel.: +30 27210-97637, +30 27210-63109).


All year round Kythera connect daily to Vion- Neapolis  .  In summer, from July to the first 15 days of September connect to Vion, on a twice or three times daily schedule. 


The journey lasts one hour and twenty minutes. In summer the local ferry can carry 140 cars and 430 passengers, while in winter the ship's capacity for carrying passengers is reduced by about 150 people. (Agency Neapolis Tel.: +30 2734022228, Harbor Station Agia Pelagia Kythira  Tel.:+30 2736033280).



The line from Kythera  to Kissamos- Crete, is scheduled three times a week and the journey lasts approximately four hours. (Kissamos Port Authority Tel.: +30 2822022024).


Finally, Antikythera connect to Kythira three times a week. Twice a week the ship departs from Piraeus and once a week the local line ship departs from Vion - Neapolis. The Antikythera’s modern heliport is used only for emergencies.


In winter air transport from Kythera to Athens Airport (El. Veniselos) operates five times a week, while from the end of March until the end of October are scheduled 8 weekly flights. The flight lasts 30-35 minutes. Each plane has usually a capacity of 72 to 92 persons. It is advisable to book in advance the flights in July and August, because the demand is at its peak (Airlines Tel.:+30 2736033292 and + 30 2736033553).


All year round there are also flights to Crete, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Preveza and Corfu. The flights to those destinations are scheduled in winter time twice a week while from the 1rst of April to the 30th of October the flights are increased to three times a week. The capacity of each aircraft of these air lines doesn’t exceed the 40 passengers.

Finally, in Kythera Airport land charter flights from the Netherlands and Denmark.


Inter transportation

On Kythera there are 64 villages, which are mainly scattered in the central and eastern part. Few settlements as Mylopotamos, Drimonas, Pourko, Kominianika and Perlegkianika are in the west, because the earth there is steeper and the nearest western coasts are generally inhospitable but fortunately with several exceptions.


This result to an unprofitable and unsustainable internal public transport network between villages due to the existing long distances and the small population of the villages. Only in July and August operate two private buses which connect Agia (St.) Pelagia with Potamos and the village Kapsali driving across the main central road of the island.


But there are plenty of taxis, rental cars and motorcycles. The charge for all routes is the basic, but in the summer-especially in August-you cannot find taxis at your convenience.


Renting a car or motorcycle is not that costly, unless you wish a car of class 4x4 to have access to the most remote region or most difficult dirt roads. The road network is sufficient enough, with a large part of it asphalted, but there are also plenty rural roads that are not asphalted. 



There are car rental agencies in the airport and the port of Diakofti as well. Also, there are car rental agencies in other places, such as in Chora, in Livadi, in Kontolianina and in Agia Pelagia.

Driver Mobile
Vlantis P.
Glytsos Μ.
Drakaki Α.
Kalligeros G.
Kalokerinos Κ.
Kasimatis D.
Kasimatis P.
Bournakis Man. 
Pavlakis Τ.
Progoulakis Η.
Raisis Α.     
Samios S.  
Stratigos T.
Fatseas G.
Friligos S.
+30 6945227480
+30 6944314125
+30 6944746246
+30 6977865162
+30 6944931354
+30 6944274217
+30 6944428071
+30 6974737193
+30 6944813688
+30 6944260571
 +30 6944305433
 +30 6977991799
+30 6944441482
+30 6977389299
+30 6944249628, 6977032204



 Name  Place  Telephone Mobile e-mail  url 
 Active Diakofti  +30 2736033911  +30 6974667083  info@ectiverent.gr  www.activerent.gr
 Anna Rent a Car Agia Pelagia  +30 2736034153  +30 6977008897    
 Auto Union Potamos  +30 2736039037  +30 6947322729    
 Cerigo Car  Chora, Tsikalaria  +30 2736031363,
 +30 2736031030
 +30 6944770161    
 Drakakis rent a car Livadi  +30 2736031160  +30 6944840497  drakakis@otenet.gr  www.drakakistours.gr
 Easy Rider
Fardoulis T.
Agia Pelagia  +30 2736033824  +30 6944443766    
 Panayotis rent a Car Kapsali, Chora, Tsikalaria, Airport, Diakofti  +30 2736031600,
 +30 2736031004,
 +30 2736031551
 +30 6944263757  panayoti@otenet.gr  www.panayotis-rent-a-car.gr
 Mylos Kato Livadi  +30 2736038156